Speaker is being quiet

So I recently bought a set of Edifier 330D from amazon and for about a week they worked great, then I started seeing some issues with the left speaker, it gets quiet for some unknown reason.

I can fix this issue by turning it off then on again but everyday it gets progressively more often and now its to the point where on some days I can go for a maximum of 10min before the left speaker just becomes super quiet.

I tried to isolate the issue so first i switched my left rights with wiring, nope left still cutting out, ok that rules out the wires and the satellite speaker. Next i switched the left right RCA connector, right speaker now outputting left speaker sound perfectly fine but left is still quiet, Ok signal from PC to speaker is fine too.

At this point I knew it was in the central unit (Subwoofer) when i noticed something else, If I plug in headphones and pull it back, the right speaker would be fine but the left speaker would alternate between loud and quiet for a good 10 seconds before settling down on a volume.

A friend said that its the internal Amp's left controller, is that true? If so what can I do.