If you've posted an article recently you might want to scan the article comments for spam, just had to delete one from mine. Just a heads up. There's one on Pistol's chivarly review, can't delete it myself though.


here's the spamming account by the way:

Unfortunately, we do not have the power to ban anyone yet =\

Spotted it and took care of it :)

I also just discovered another one that posted in 'books.' Took care of that one too.


I'm usually lurking the feed so they don't last very long.

Hah, nice.

Considering we're trusted to post to the main page it's probably not that big of a leap to trust us to moderate posts. Not a huge deal, just annoying seeing spam and not being able to remove it.

Unless if anybody is giving me the power to ban, can anyone deal with a spambot in the forum?

 also I have mod powers for some reason, you might want to look into if other random people have them for some reason