Sources for ISP Melarkey Claims

I guess this is a good sub forum for this. I'm betting this has already been posted but I can't find it. Otherwise I'll get on with it.


I'm looking for sources that I can link to some friends and family about the current issues surrounding both ISPs and bandwidth delivery such as Netflix and what not. There are a few people I've discussed things with that dismiss what I'm saying because "it hasn't effected their bubble yet". Others are denying the stats I'm quoting them. So I guess what I'm really looking for are sources for some of the claims form Wendell and Logan.

I think the main things I'm looking to find are:

  • The records for internet traffic from Netflix and Youtube accounting for the majority of bandwidth. (i.e., 30%, 20%)
  • Tax dollar subsidies to ISPs for infrastructure upgrades.
  • Ratios between independent ISPs and those also providing cable.
  • Regional mapping of available ISPs capable of 1.5Mb/s+.

Get a hint dude. Learn to use google. Seriously. They actually TAUGHT us how to internet search back when I was in school, have kids really become this useless? 

I'm not apologetic. I was able to find EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF INFORMATION you were looking for with ONE google search per item. 

Search and look for yourself before you go asking on forums. 

Get a hint?

I asked for sources and you scoff at me? I wasn't asking for LMGTFU links. I was asking for reputable sources. If they taught you in school that google searches and wiki/blog posts were how to do research you should feel bad.

I searched through most of the information in the links you sent me BEFORE posting here. I was having trouble finding anything substantial, concise, or trust worthy. I assume that when Wendell says things he isn't talking about something he read on a blog from a stranger. If he does get it from a blog he should at least be able to preface a source citing with knowledge of who the author is and why he/she should matter.

Anyone else here care to take a crack at this? I'd love to hear constructive suggestions for sources of the claims.

For the Internet subsidies amounts (At least for current years, it takes some serious digging to find older data) check the FCCs website. If i remember correctly, the last Farm Bill gave 7.2 billion for bringing broadband (AKA Cable and/or ASDL) to rural areas and one just passed recently that gave another 4.5 billion for the same project.

On a laughably small bright side, this year's bill includes a 10m a year grant/loan/loan guarantee program for fiber optics to rural areas. For the entire country for the entire year... 10mil.


I haven't been able to find any other documents on subsidies for improving the infrastructure in urban and suburban areas, but navigating the FCC website is like pulling teeth from a fucking dragon.

Yeah tell me about it. Trying to demonstrate to the average person the lack of choice in the "free market" based on their findings is nearly impossible. 11.8 billion isn't a terribly low amount of money but 10m is like dropping a penny into the Salvation Army’s Red Kettles, you couldn't blame the guy standing there with the bell for giving you a look.

Maybe there's something more to it. Maybe I just misunderstood what they have been saying on The Tek about the topic. I was under the impression that substantial amounts of  federal and/or state tax dollars were put into being channeled into subsidies for fiber optic infrastructure and that the ISPs that accepted the subsidies never followed through completely on the work.

I was told a while back that the reason Houston doesn't have fiber atm is because local subsidies were cut off and the ISPs (Timer Warner and then Comcast) chose not to do the work without them. It seemed rather greedy of the ISPs and short sited of the city at the time to make such decisions. Assuming now that the subsidies were cut off because work wasn't being done makes the cities decision seem right in hindsight. Unfortunately though, I can't really tell anyone about this because I have never been able to find a source for it other than the fact that someone told me. That makes it hearsay and so is everything I've heard on The Tek if I don't have sources. Lol

Yea, I couldn't find any information about the amounts of subsidies granted directly by the 1996 telcom act. It seemed to be mostly about stopping monopolies, but really did the exact opposite.

Any update on the subsidies provided to the ISPs? I am searching for the same thing after reading a rather annoying article in the WSJ "Google Fiber Leaves A Digital Divide". The comments section has me pulling my hair out.