Source/GoldSrc Mods & Games

Okay guys so here's the skinny, I have been desperately looking around for good Half-Life 2/GoldSrc games & mods recently and wanted to know if any of you fine gentleman had any suggestions. I know there is still a strong community of fans and modders supporting content for the games, and took a chance to see if there were any lurking around on the TS forums.


In my time scouring the internet I stumbled upon seven in particular that I found interesting, although I am aware there are many, many more. The ones I picked out are as follows:


  1. Black Snow
  2. Afraid of Monsters
  3. Minerva Metastasis
  4. Half-Life Decay (technically not originally a mod, but a port of a Playstation 2 game)
  5. Scientist Slaughterhouse
  6. Toonrun (and Sven co-op in general)
  7. Gunman Chronicles


 To explain the context behind all this, I run a series on YouTube called Half-Life Saga and after recently completing Half-Life 2 Episode 2, I have been searching for new content. I am running a vote over on my channel for what the next game will be, and am giving away a free copy of Hotline Miami to one randomly picked person who votes in the comments (ends June 25, 2013). You don't have to go and vote, as that really isn't the point of this thread, but if you want a chance to win a free game or would like more info on the games I listed then you can be my guest, you don't even have to subscribe or any such subsequent bullshit. So yeah, just post any and all mods/games you deem worthy of my time in this thread.


Thanks in advance, 

-Julian (jmasta111)


The video I previously referred to:

tl;dr post mods/games for Source and Goldsrc

The Stanly pareable is a good laugh for half an hour or so.

Already knew about this but didn't mention this because it didn't really fit what I was looking for due to length. It's a good game though and I apreaciate the imput.