Source for a Mini-PCI-E mPCIe to PCIe 1x ribbon adaptor

Hey y’all!

I’m looking for a kind of niche PCIe adaptor extension cable. Something like this:

My use case has certain design constraints, so it MUST be straight on both ends, no 90° connections / connectors. Length is not particularly relevant, because straight, non-90°, 1x PCIe extensions / risers already exist. But i wasn’t able to find an mPCIe to PCIe 1x implementation.

International eBay: nope. Ali express: nope. nope.

Sources, anyone?

Yes, i know, and i might actually diy one, if i can’t find an existing “solution”. By “solution”, i mean any solution, even a cobbled together bunch of cheap adaptors, USB3 jumpers, that barely operate within spec …well, not too many, but i wouldn’t mind.

M.2 to PCI-E x1 is more common. You could get a M.2 to Mini PCI-E adapter, then a M.2 to PCI-E x1 riser.

While that might work would be crazy noisy probably

Passive adapters don’t do too much to the signal if it’s just a short PCB form factor adapter.

I think the issue is he finds plenty of m.2 to pcie adapters but they are all straigh on the m.2 side but 90degree on the pcie side.

this is the closest I have found, doesnt meet the need tho

Well, my Mobo has an mPCIe slot …none of that newfangled M.2 goodness. You just tripped over another design constraint of my particular use case, @FurryJackman. No worries, here’s your reward cookie; thanks for your effort. (I intend to be cute, while being ironic; on offensive / abbrasive “snark” intended) :3

aye, “doesnt meet the need tho” …you get a cookie too ;3 purrs

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where are my cookies

(just get an minipcie to m.2 adapter for converting)

…there you go, @mutation666 …don’t be greedy, sweetie …y’gotta share 'em with your friends :rofl:

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No, I mentioned you can double up on adapters.

First get this:

Then this:

I believe the M.2 cable is shielded too.

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@mutation666 THAT’s exactly what i’m looking for! Thank you! A wee bit short, but THAT! However, Amazon, in their infinite wisdom decided to “This item does not ship to Germany”. sigh (Germany is where i’d want it to ship to.)

@FurryJackman Oof, yeah, that’d be a viable alternative. I certainly wouldn’t mind creating a MacGyverism. Thank you!

Anyone else? More suggestions?

You can choose the length of the M.2 cable on the AliExpress page, so I think that’s the solution right there.

completing the record, (i cross-posted on Twitter):

TW/eevblog: suggested and

TW/Firr: suggested

…those are some neat examples, some quite expensive …but with fairly hi-res pictures …i’ve seen a few ads for cheap PCB manufacturers …maybe i can DIY what i want …research continues

…please feel free to contribute to the pool of knowledge

edit1: if i diy it, i’ll keep a project log / photo docu in this thread

I am sure ali sells 90degree pcie connector you could just desolder the vert connector on one of the adapters available to you and solder on that 90degree

Apparently mSATA adaptors are mPCIe compatible …there are extenders …with a flat-flex …potentially hackable into a PCIe 1x slot…riser…extension…thingermatingen …i’m excited

Whoa @Platypussy and @FurryJackman !!!
Finally somebody who seem to know their s… about this niche sub-sub-sub-sub-topic!!

I wanna do something very similar in my laptop (mini PCIe slot → to mini PCIe extension ribbon cable 30 cm → to mini PCIe to M2 NVMe adapter with flexible ribbon cable part of 10 cm → to NVMe SSD) but I had a gut feeling about ‘interferences’ due to the several adapters and long cables.

In the eBay/Amazon pictures they look pretty thin, which made me wonder if they are “shielded”…

And here I catched the word “noise”… initially I thought about acoustic noise and was surprised, but then I realized you must be talking about some sort of interference noise, correct?

So, would my above-mentioned design cause such “noise”?
I need the SSD to be a reliable data storage drive. That’s why I am asking.

Here are the parts:

  1. mini PCIe extension:
    (just add the https and www and replace the underscore with the dot)

  2. mini PCIe to M2 NVMe adapter:
    (just add the https and www and replace the underscore with the dot)

  3. and finally SSD:
    (just add the https and www and replace the underscore with the dot)

Finally, in your opinion, are those ribbons shielded and, if not, you mentioned DIYing it, how would I shield them?


@KleerKut what about your opinion on the above? Thanks so much!