Sound Issues

So I installed the newest ubuntu and everything works perfectly, I have used ubuntu and linux for ages and have never run into this problem... the sound, coming from youtube, movies, audio player everything, sounds very distorted, slow and laggy!! any help? anyone have this issue?

You tried changing profiles in pavucontrol > configuration? I remember a few years ago where "*duplex" was causing similar issues for me.

I will try that, thanks! i will let you know if it works! 


no such luck, probably has something to do with the fact I am using hdmi 

What GPU? Does the correct card show up with:

$ cat /proc/asound/cards

What sound drivers & modules are in use for the gpu?

$ lscpi -v

Also one thing to try, is opening alsamixer and muting & unmuting the output, just for the heck of it

Sounds like one of those latency offset issues to me, like there are in Skype also. It happens with DRM-focused software from time to time. Does it also happen when you use the default html5 player instead of flashplayer?