Sound help

I just got a recent amout of money, and I want to upgrade my PC, with a decent (above average) sound card and some nice headphones.

I have herad that Creative sound cards are bad because of drivers or something? And that I should stay away form Razer headphones. I have a set of 5.1 speakers, and I like how with the Razer Tiamat I have the abillity to plug my speakers into the headset mixer. I have also heard that the Astro A40 are good. I play games, watch movies and listen to music, the Sannheiser PC360s have also crossed my mind, but U dont know what to chose. Money is not really a concern, although I dont want to spend an insane amount

Xonar D1(Go for the DX, same thing but pcie 1x) plus the razer tiamat will blow you away! Together they will cost ~$275 but its the best you can get for gaming.

Thanks, so there is nothing wrong with Razer... I dont remeber where I herad that....


Well the mic absolutely SUCKS on it but other that its awesome.

So I highly suggest a dedicated mic such as a blue snowball or something similar.