Sound Cards

Hey, could someone tell me about Sound Cards, I don't see many, I mean any, builds with them, is there a reason they are so shunned? Do they actually make a notable difference? Could someone please explain, thanks.

Logan had a vid about it some time ago, but yes, they do make a difference. The basic integrated sound card is similar to integrated grapics card in some way. They both suck, but get the job done on a sadisfactory level. 

The sound output/input quality goes up, however its only worth if, if you have good speakers. So if you are using some bestbuy speaker system, it wont make any difference. 

Also some sound cards give you extra features, and it wont rob your CPU performance.


Heres an article about it:


Huh, thanks Someone, I'll make sure to do a little bit more research & I might consider adding one to my build. 

If you are running a Hifi System [PC to AMP to Speakers], or you are running GOOD headsets [read: nothing that says "gaming" on it and has a mic attached] you will most certainly notice a difference.

I am planing on adding a Xonar STX + Sennheiser HD598 + Snowball to my PC. But with the new analog cables I need for my amp and so on it about 600CHF [700ish $] which may have to be sacrificed for a laptop ;P [Need moar moneyz]