Sound card troubles

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this. I'm having a strange issue with my sound blaster audigy fx. For some reason the sound it's producing is barely audible even with my speakers on max volume with one speaker pressed to my ear. a precursory google search turns up a few links talking about this exact problem but with nothing on why it happening or how to fix it.

What OS are you using / check your sound levels inside the OS.

i'm currently using windows 10 professional and the sound levels inside the os are already maxed out

I'd say you burned out your card.

Use the onboard.

sadly i can't. My first computer case did have proper standoffs so the motherboard sat a few centimeters to high so when i tried popping out one of the expansion slot covers on the case it scraped off one the surface mount resistors on that was part of the onboard audio.

Well you can get them for 10 bucks. You could be dumb and spend 100 bucks on a ROG card or something but it doesn't really matter.

Get a USB headset :D

Maybe someone here will have a better answer but it sounds like it burned out.