Sound card static?

I have the creative Sound blaster Z (link-->  )

and sometimes it will make a weird static buzzing noise, but only when sound goes through it. if im not listening to music or anything it will stop. but even if windows goes "Ding" it will be static'y,, 


It didnt do until recently, any Ideas?

Is your phone or laptop near your desktop computer because some  times it can interfeir with things like soundcards when its sending and reciving data

nope,  although. When I restart it stops, it seems random. I moved it to a different PCI slot to see if it fixes it,



I also have a sound blaster z and have similar issues. This is not the type of static you get from interference. It sounds more like the distortion you get when setting volume too high. Mine occurs sometimes within minutes of starting my computer, and sometimes it may take a couple days to start (without a pc restart). A restart always fixes, as does disabling and then reenabling the Z under playback devices. This has occured with multiple and different applications running, and has also occured while I was away from my computer and no applications were running. Due to the size of my graphics card and system layout, there is no way for me to try a different slot. Troubleshooting this problem is difficult since it sometimes doesn't happen for many hours. It does appear that it happens less often when I completely close the Sound Blaster Control Panel, but it still occurs occasionally. I can't be sure there is a connection though, due to the infrequent occurences.