Sound card + headset recommendation - 200 euros total

as the title states, I need a soundcard and a headset, for games and music.

any recommendations that total to about 200 euros

(keep in mind, parts are more expensive here, so you could say USD=Euro in this case)

How portable? 

Anything by asus is a good card but for the headset I don't know. Logan did a few headset reviews maybe check one of those. 

portable enough to carry around in my backpack, but gaming experience goes first

Well if separate headphones & mic isn't an option then Sennheiser PC360 + a Xonar DG or DGX sound card should be right on budget. The cards are the same but DG is PCI slot and DGX is PCIe.

is there any performance loss if i take the PCI?

No there is no difference, just go with what suits your computer.

ok, thanks