Sound card for my PC/headset

Okay so a while back i bought an Astro A50 wireless Headset.
Wonderful thing. Except when i have to charge it and it's as wired as the inside of my computer.

But anyways. I had the unfortuante event of my optical output on my motherboard to die on me. And i have now decided since im a bit lazy to just get my self a proper soundcard. Since while not much living of the USB part is a tad worse than the optical one.

So anyways going straight to the point now.

Can anyone suggest me a good sound card with an Optical output. For around 170 Euro???


Currently been looking at the ASUS Xonar Phobeus. But i have been hesitating a bit since i don't want to make a mistake somewhere. Sound cards and headsets are a bit of a new ground to me. :/

If you want something decent and you want to save a bunch of money, look for the asus DGX. It has everything you need and a small built in headphone amp. 

You don't need to spend a lot on a sound card if you're just going to use optical out, optical is a digital signal, so unless something has gone horribly wrong it will sound pretty much the same regardless of source. Just buy the cheapest Asus xonar you can find.