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Sound Blaster X-Fi HD | Mic outputs horrible white noise (Windows 10)


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- The microphone outputs horrible white noise when the computer have been switched off for a while (few hours or more.) It's not background static, the noise is very loud and the microphone does not pic up any sounds while this is happening.
- If I disable the microphone, the white noise continues from other inputs on the device.
- To make it stop I have to unplug the usb connector from the pc and plug it back in. Then it boots up again and works fine. I can also restart the pc and it will stop. But if I turn the computer off and let it sit for a while, the issue is back when I boot back up.

Hopefully someone have some solutions, it's been like this for quite a while. Uninstalling drivers does not do anything, after reinstalling the same things happens again. It's also very frustrating to troubleshoot it since it has to sit for a while with the computer off to replicate the issue.




Open it up and look at the capacitors. Could be one of the caps is bad and just isn't doing what it's rated for. Hopefully it's obvious bloating or burn marks or well documented so you can test them. Pain in the ass but feels pretty cool to be able to fix your own shit.
It's it's fucked you cant fuck it more.



Hi there,

Did you (or anyone else) find a solution? I have the exact same problem