SOS - Struggling with my new Built

Hi there!

I just built my first PC and it was running great until I upgrade the memory to 128GB (Skill 2933C14Q2-128GTZRX)… I managed to boot at 96GB (6 units) but when I add the extra 32GB it wont boot (ERROR Memory Detect 00)… I have the latest 1701 BIOS and 1.35V for the RAM… Any help will be much appreciate it!!!


Motherboard: Asus ROG Zenith Extreme / CPU: 2950X Threadripper / RAM: Skill 2933C14Q2-128GTZRX

try booting with 2 sticks at a time and go through all 8 sticks to figure out if any of the pairs are bad. then when/ if you get a bad pair move to booting with 1 stick from that pair to find the bad stick then find out if you can get a replacement with out sending back the whole kit. if none of them give errors on there own then you might need to rma your board as it could have a faulty slot.


My guess is simple…
The board may not be able to run 128 gig ram at 3000…

The specs said 128 go ram maximum and 2666 max default speed… 3000 may be a bit too much for it to handle…

Also, your ram is not supported…

Seeing a lot of 3k ram so maybe 128gig at 3k is not the issue… The issue is more of the ram is not in the QVL list…

People don’t pay much attention to that, but it does matter based on my personal experience…


Yup i would suggest to to start at 2133mhz stock mem clock,
It might be related to not being fully compatible memory kits indeed.
That might be show if you put them at 2133mhz.
If all sticks are detected at 2133mhz, then he could start to upping memory frequency,
untill it drops out.

Another thing to try is to re-seat the cpu.

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Hi to all! Really appreciate your help!

  1. All motherboard slots are working (I had before 8 x 8GB)
  2. All sticks are working (I test it individually)
  3. There is a video from Level 1 that shows this RAM kit working on every X399 motherboard (Asus ROG Zenith Extreme was the one with issues - lucky me!)
  4. I already re-seat twice the CPU
  5. I set up memory speed to 2133mhz

Im wondering if there is a magical tweak on the BIOS to be made…

God Bless!!! It worked!



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And what did the magic trick?

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After re-seating the CPU (again), I cranked the RAM boot voltage to 1.48 and decreased the RAM speed under 24000MHZ, then one boot at a time, I started adding more RAM as per ASUS configurations… when all RAM was recognized, then I did the same procedure with MHZ… one boot at a time…

The system is super stable since my 3D models/softwares are taking over 80GB of RAM and not a single crash!

Thanks to All! I survived my first built!

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Yeah kinda thought so,
The TR4 socket is a pain in the ass sometimes haha. :slight_smile: