[Sort of Solved] Proxmox teamspeak server port forwarding issue

So im working on getting a Teamspeak3 server running in a ubuntu 14.04 container in Proxmox. Its all up and working and i can connect over LAN but i cant seem to get it any further. As far as i can tell all my port forwarding attempts havnt worked. Ive forwarded the default teamspeak ports to the ip i set the container to and its not coming through. I have a Netgear D6300 router.
Its 11:40pm here in Australia (land of shitty internet) so please cut me some slack if its something that should be staring me in the face.

Came across this link which may help you out.

Link: http://servernetworktech.com/2012/12/proxmox-and-using-nat-with-a-virtual-machine/

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Problem sort of solved.
It works when im on a different network connecting to it.
Just wasnt letting me use my external ip to connect to the server while on the same LAN as the server.