Sophos OpenVPN File in Gnome Network Settings

Alright, i have no clue how many people might even be able to help me with that, but here goes.

At work i have to use VPN Connections to Sophos Firewalls. These provide an openvpn File to set up the connection. So far so good. I can just call these through the terminal with openvpn and get a successfull connection.

Now, to make life easier, i’d like to add the connection to my gui through the gnome network settings under fedora.
I go there, click on add VPN and choose “Import from File”. I then get an error, that the file contains a line “client” with isn’t a key-value-pair or something along those lines.

Any tips on how i can import that connection succesfully?

Is this the Sophos SSL VPN?

Yes it is.
I’m in Homeoffice today, so tried to figure it out. Well, turns out you need to use the configuration for Android, not the one for Linux, duh…
No idea why, but with the Android/iOS configuration file it works perfectly fine.

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I’ll keep that in mind for future setups, thanks for posting the solution!