Soon to be PC build

I'm going to be buying the parts to get a new PC next weekend and this is my final build that I have come up with.

I might just get rid of the SSD at last minute to save some money to get a better monitor. Any thoughts, comments, concerns are appreciated. Thanks!

We can't see what is in the cart with that link. You should make a cart and link that

Ok fixed it.

I would get a 670 rather than a 680. Its $100 bucks less and only a few frames slower:

Is this PC for gaming? You won't need 16GB of RAM if that's the case. 16GB is for like a workstation computer. 8 GB is more than enough for personal use. 

Are you intending to use dual graphics at some point? That's what I'm guessing when I see the 850W  power supply. If you're going to use SLI, you're going to need a better motherboard than that one. The second video card slot is x4 which will limit the performance of your SLI setup. You should get a motherboard with 2 PCIe slots that are both at x16 or both at x8.

If you don't intend to use dual graphics, then that motherboard should be fine. You won't need a 850W PSU if that's the case. You can save some money and be good with a 600W PSU.

Everything else looks fine and expensive. I don't know anything about liquid cooling so can't comment on that.

Yes this is a gaming PC but I think I might just stick with 16GB so I don't have to worry about upgrading it in the future unless I REALLY don't need more then 8GB for gaming. Also I don't really plan on doing SLI because I won't be doing multiple monitor setup but I will look into getting the GTX 670 instead of the 680. And since I will be wanting to overclock how does a 750W PSU sound?

if your only gaming you should never need more than 8gb of RAM and a 600w psu would still be fine for overclocking.