Sony password change? is it legit?

Ive had 5 emails today from what appears to be sony asking me to change my password. I sold my PS4 about 3 months after getting it but i still have games attached to my account that i may play in the future if i fancy getting another one. has anybody else had this requested. I may seem really dumb, but it just seems way too shady to be emailing me 5 times in 1 day.

I would clear my cookies and visit the sony site and login to check. never click an email link because it may take you to a fake.

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oh yeah id never actually click on the link. it seems as if someone may be doing the forgot my password over and over

Not legit, ignore it.

Change on the site directly if you want.

I have gotten numerous password change requests lately in emails that said they were from Sony and even if they were I would not change the password by clicking on an email. Just to go the site you know is legit and see if it requests you to do it there. Play it safe.

not sony.

address is instead of @sony(etc).com. what does the red lock mean again?