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Sony a5100 [HACKED]

To all you that own the sony line of affordable mirrorless DSLRs.

a5000, a5100, a6000, etc


It has finally been reverse engineered! You can push custom and/or homebrew apps from your browser!
I used the "tweak" app to remove the 30 minute video recording limit. There are other apps available too for better manual use (such as focus bracketing).


I like hacks but wonder what nice things you can do with this camera? except for what you say removing annoying predefined stuff.

Well, supposedly you can now write your own apps... (checkout the git repos for all the stuff already there...)

Just some ideas:
- Better time-lapse
- Better trails effect
- Software motion detection
- gestures? (it does have some pretty intense face recognition)
- etc


last 2 are interesting

The nikon cameras have been hacked for ages...

My favorite use I saw was a guy using software motion triggered shutter to capture humming birds with a macro lens at a feeder. It was brilliant.

Since this is about a camera, maybe put it into photography instead of hardware?

oops, forgot we had one.

I never know what to put threads in since the categories reog. I really miss the "general" category.

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bonjour j’ai acheté un Sony Alpha 5100 il est en japonais mais je ne comprends rien à l’installation du HAC pour libérer la caméra et la langue pouvez-vous m’aider merci

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