Songs that Start Completely Different than How They End

I've always liked songs that start completely different then how they end.
For example, metal music that starts with classical music, acoustic guitars, or piano, then morphs into sweeping arpeggios or heavy electric guitar chords.

Kind of like this.

Or this

The founding members of Savatage actually went on to start Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Anyway, what are some songs that you enjoy that begin in one style, and end in another? (Any Genre)

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It doesnt end completely different but there are some pretty unique styles incorporated.

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Perfect XD

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Aphex Twin - Windowlicker

The best ending imo.

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This song makes me feel like I'm having a fever dream... Lol
Also, is that Randy Newman scattered in there?
EDIT: @SudoSaibot I stand corrected. THAT video is the definition of a fever dream...

It's 24 minutes from start to finish. Enjoy

They're all metal related

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