Songs for Repeat

What are songs you could put on loop? Possibly forever? Heres some of mine.

There are a lot of things from newgrounds actually....

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abababab ababababab abababa babbab

Tangerine Dream :P

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And my all-time favorite:

After a long day of work and having to hold in my rage with a smile for customers, I can sing out loud in my car to this amazing song.


All nightmare long

The XX - Intro
Tangerine Dream - Love on a real train (Risky Business)

dont mind the ass, the song is excellent!

Granny, put some pants on and gimme a cookie ~ said every kid ever.

Jon Bellion - All Time Low

Lil Flip - The Way We Ball (Crizzly Remix)

And For when I wanna feel baller.

Star Wars - Imperial March (Keyzee Trap Remix)

And I gotta support my one day future wife. ( Its not as unlikely as people may think. )

Bebe Rexha - I Got You (Cheat Codes Remix)

And my other one day future wife.

Elements - Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song)

Alexandra Stan - Mr.Saxobeat

Had this on my daily rotation since I saw him perform in Tulsa a couple weeks ago.
He's got some really catchy tunes. Heck of a musician too.

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This band is extremely underrated. I feel like this is one of the best modern prog rock bands.

"stammering words in a daze, seemingly starry-eyed followers mumbling praise
and all of the world is a stage. fleetingly, these marionettes dance straight to their graves,
with every desire on a string the future hangs perilously.
it's the start of the tie that will bind and the last fraying strand"

Another great one by rishloo

Also, not an underrated band, but still very a emotional resonating song, with a production value that is out of this world. I love all the instrumentals in it, and the girls voice is amazing.

Thanks for sharing this groovy tune. Will have to add this guy to my spotify... really catchy.

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In the same space as songs I think entire albums need to be listened to. Two in particular are rather personal parts of me now.

If anything I would call these the soundtrack of my middle school and high school years.

I've literally listened to this track for hours continuously.

A few others:

Something about Slavic bands that makes me hit repeat a lot...

And here is a track I've also smashed the repeat button on that isn't Slavic