Someting seems off

I have an FX-6300 (Stock speeds) cooled by a cooler master hyper 212 evo with arctic silver 5 thermal paste. I Have not OCed yet but I did a little test using a program called Core Temp. On Idle (Windows Desktop) I Got min 2 max 6 degrees celcius (Actually bluescreened a few times because it was so cold) and I decided to push it as far as it would go and got min 17 max 25 with 28 instances of minecraft running, 50 chrome tabs, 50 firefox tabs, steam, and catalyst control centre. I will OC for sure but just wanted to show you these insane temps



Stress Test

That... is insane. Is your computer cooled by an air conditioner or something? XD

Core temp dosent read AMD chips very well it shows the hotest module or core


try useing speedfan

also you should know that when idle the CPU will down clock

i was getting wierd temps with my hyper 212 evo when first installed it aswell. idle was around 13-18c and load was 30-35c.



^ case in point.