Somethings not right?

ok so basically i've built my computer i mean the fans work the power switch works and what not everythings plugged in but... the VGA, and HDMI cable aren't working when i plug em in the screen is blank im honestly hoping my Mobo isn't broken omfg if it is thats just such a waste =( but i mean if the fans are working and there plugged into the mobo it shouldnt be broken?... i unno what i did wrong i need HELP BAD! first time builder btw...

check to see if you plugged in the correct EPS connector.  Ive seen people plug a PCI-E in there by mistake.

Also please post your system's parts.  It would help a lot

kk heres are the parts

i wont be adding the optical drive seeing as how its not that important lol, i didnt plug in the PCI-E cable i know its a 8 pinned pluggin but there seprate 4 pins together 8. 

Are you plugging your screens in your motherboard? If so, plug them in your graphics card.

No, it doesnt seem to work when i tryed what you sugguested Ssoele because the graphics card isnt even on i don't think the fans on it are moving... is that suppose to happen?

Try to take the graphics card out for a second and try again.

What would also help is a picture of your internals, so we can see if everything is connected good.

pulled it out and inserted back in but the fans move for like a mila second and then just nothing after that... 

Try running it withour the graphics card.

Nothing happened still same problem, =( ahh man this is a big problem isn't it?

Does the motherboard give any post beeps? Forgot to ask that earlier.

Actually yeah it does kinda like a "EHIN EHIN" sound lol... what does that mean?

wouldn't i need a speaker to hear the post beep though? i have one but i haven't plugged it in because i don't really know where it goes =S

It means that the board posts normally.

Also, if you have a GPU plugged in, you should plug your screen in that, the motherboard display will be disabled by default I think.

but i did do that nothing even shows up on the screen, i mean what could be the problem? GPU's plugged in it came with an adapter for the VGA cable i plugged that in aswell and inserted inside the GPU turned the computer on and not shows up..

1s make sure everything is pluged int o correct place 2nd check your ram check and see if the card will work in another pcie slot. and i think i know what your problem mite be the connector you are using as the pcie power i think is the 8 pin atx that goes to the top of the board. the power cable for the pcie will either be a 6 pin , an eight pin or a 6+2 pin conector. i hope that helps

make sure you pluged in the 4/8 CPU power pin connector, the 24pin mobo connector, and the 6 pin PCI-E connector on the GPU

try the ram in each of the other slots, try the GPU in a Different Slot