Someone ordered the 290X and got the 290 Non-X (and leaked stuff!)

The bottom quote of the author "I wonder if this would work with the GTX 780 Ti" is priceless.

I had a good laugh while reading this. =)

For those wondering if the R9 290 Non-X will come with non-reference coolers out of the box in all models, you can give up all hope now with this post. Seems the BIOS was compiled on the 30th of September.

Seems we'll have R9 290 Non-X with both reference and non-reference models.

This is great stuff . LOL

Thanks! =) I don't believe that user signed the NDA. =D

Maybe AMD can finally relax their NDA a bit (but I heard they wanted all reviewers to redo their reviews thanks to new beta drivers, to get hype up)...

Think i am running those drivers . I have benching 7870 cards with the new drivers at different ram speeds . It appears to have improved min and average fraps slightly with a slight decrease in max fraps . Still working on wrapping that up.

Man , they really are cranking out the drivers and they changed their site with a more windows 8 design style .

I only installed beta 7 yesterday thay are bashing them out ^_^

30 seconds for the new one

so far i got better results with 13.23.18 it had higher min and average and a lower max .