Some GPU Questions

ok so im building a pc my budget is 1200$

i can spend up to 300-400$ on the GPU

i am only doing single monitor on games.

i am going to be using sony vegas.

i want to max out these games : Dead Space 3 , Farcry 3 , Black ops 2 , Diablo 3 , Minecraft , and Skyrim (well i dont need to max them out but at least high setting)

i would also like a cheaper one like towards the 300$ range so i can get a better Cpu and motherboard.

but if i need to spend 400$ just leave a link to GPU

If you have any question like specs and other stuff comment and ill repley in a few minutes

Thanx For The Help If You Do.


If i am correct? sony vegas doesn't use cuda right? if i'm right here's what i'd recomend



$300 - HD7950 - HIS

$400 - HD7970 - gigabyte -

if you can find a 7970 on a good sale get it


$330 - 660ti msi -

$410 - 670 EVGA FTW -


Bottom line.

All of these cards shoul play the games you want on high/max settings

In this price range go with amd, even if you don't utilize the full 3GB of the cards, they are better for your money

if i'm wrong about vegas and cuda, defiently get one from the green team