Some CPUs better than others?

By that I mean of the same type, for example two 4770k's that are overclocked but one gives off better temps or one can be stable at a higher clock than the other.

I ask because I have a 3770k but when I overclock it to 4.2Ghz, under stress testing it it gets pretty warm, around 72-75C. I've seen videos and read reviews on how the same CPU can overclock comfortably to 4.5Ghz and having 68-70C load temps. Also when I try to get past 4.2, it get's unstable and very hot.

I've overclocked using a Corsair H60 and a Cooler master Hyper Evo 212+. Both get similar results but the Hyper Evo faired a little better. I used acrtic silver 5 thermal paste.

Every CPU is different. The less voltage a CPU need to achieve a certain frequency, the better it overcloks. CPUs are binned based on certain requirements but all chips have different potentials above requirements. 

not all cpu are equal. You see there are MILLIONS even BILLIONS of transistors on cpus and gpus. Those individual transistors are made out of silicon. Not every piece of silicon is pure 100% silicon. There can be impuritys in the silicon itself that make it unstable. An unpure part of the chip can make the whole thing unstable. When you buy a cpu rated @ 3.5GHz they guarantee that silicon can handle a basic voltage and 3.5Ghz but some chips may be more pure than the low standard. this is where OC'ing comes in.

I see. I've also seen articles talking about "cherry picked" CPUs or GPUs for the best overclocking. Usually they are more expensive. So it's true then. I guess my Core i7 3770k's potential isn't as great as the others huh?

Oh well, at least it's still a solid performer even at stock clocks and cank kick ass in anygame so I'm fine with it. But my inner enthusiest wishes it could have overclocked to 4.5Ghz. Great to finally know though. Thanks guys.


this "cherry picking" is called binning. esentially it's when the CPUs come fresh out of the oven and the workers look at the silicon under microscope. if it passes some tests it gets "binned" literally set aside because it's better than every other cpu. This has lead to some controversies when companys give their cpus to reviewers. they may have given then a golden cpu making it seem like the product is better.

Oh wow, I had no idea. Good to know. Thanks. I almost want to buy another 3770k just to see if I can get a better overclocking one. But that would be stupid lol

Not really. Enthusiasis buy several chips, and bin them all the time. That's what you have to do if you want the best overclocking chip out there.


yup some people do their own "binning" from all te ones that get thrown into standard retail.

Paul from newegg did a really cool video where he compared 8 4770ks and how far each could OC.

it gives you an idea of how the silicon lottery works.

Well, considering I don't have the funds to bin CPU's I have to make due with what I have. Albeit, what I have isn't bad at all. But I just can't simply spare 300-350 dollars to bin cpus here and there. Wish I did though lol. Well I guess I can sell the ones I would bin.