[SOLVED] WPA2 Enterprise with freeradius - howto - alternatives?


I have been trying to set up freeradius on a ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I tried several tutorials that google threw at me, but somehow I don't manage to get freeradius + mysql backend + daloRADIUS (gui) working.

So three questions:
Is there any other (web)GUI to manage freeradius?
Can you recommend a tutorial, that worked for you?
Alternative to freeradius?

I've only ever use freeradius in pfsense. If that's an option it works pretty well.

I tried that - desperate and frustrated by radius already - and its not suitable. pfSense at least wants two nic's, than complains if both end up in the same network.. of course its just a VM and not actually a router... and so on, than the package did not install... so gave up on pfSense as radius workaround

Ok, if anyone stubles across this thread someday in time. That tutarial actually did work in the end: https://dani33l.wordpress.com/2014/11/01/freeradius-daloradius-ubuntu-server-configuration/

It's basic and Ill have to dig more to make it realy secure. but its working

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