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[SOLVED]What in the display foobars? under/overscan + UI issues in Elementary OS

Elementary OS 5 Juno, (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) Nvidia GTX750 Ti Prop drivers.

See how the time is cut off?

See how the the power button on the right is not there and part of the magnifying glass on the Left is partially cut off? Also the dock at the bottom is WAY cut off.

Been playing with resolution and under-scan options in nvidia control panel i can ALMOST get close but, it’s like the UI goes wacko, i try to save and reboot and sometimes it sort of almost get’s close but, the power button is always cut off.

It’s a LG 4K TV. i’d love to either US UI scaling set to jumbo mode or do a scaled resolution like 1440p or something?

EDIT: let me state based on trial and error, i adjusted underscan to an extreme and got a small picture in the center of the screen and UI was still cut off! i think the UI is doing some wierd stuff too!

EDIT: it also cuts UI off in teamviewer too.

Might sound obvious, but is there a setting in the TV’s menu to disable overscanning?


there is with no change BUT, i have my input icon set as streaming device APPARENTLY it actually changes settings based on icon so when i get home tonight i’ll change it to the laptop icon and rename the input “PC”.

found some interesting info here:

over-scan is NOT a single setting there are X and Y axis over-scan settings and it looks like reading through they typical or commonly need to be 2 different numbers for X and Y!

Will report back! Shame there is o GUI/UI for adjusting such settings in depth.



Oh yee summer child of little neckbeard.

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FIXED! ON my inputs side bar there is also ANOTHER aspect ratio. ADDITIONALLY my TV treats inputs differently based on the ICON selected for the input. i changed it form streaming box icon to a laptop icon and labeled it PC!

Time for some OLED goodness!

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