[SOLVED] (UK) The quest, for a lower power motherboard using my existing LGA2011 CPU/ECC REG RAM


So I’ve now set the HDD’s to low power mode without spin down, and we’re hovering around 100W, which is a good enough improvement I reckon!


No, registrerad memory still works with unregistered CPUs, it is just that it will run as unregistered. But, $350 is still a lot of money, so if you are happy with what you have then I will not argue about it. Both systems are quite fine honestly. Good luck!

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Ah… I didn’t know that :roll_eyes: Thanks for saying…learn something new every day eh!

The cost is pretty reasonable I think, plus there’s the electric cost as well… I’ll keep it as a reserve option for sure! :+1:

Yeah it’s probably running the switching frequency something stupid like 600mhz-1ghz, just lower all of those to the lowest value, only helps overclocking

Yeah if you were building from start you’d go with a 65 watt Ryzen processor and appropriate board and call it a day.

But large ram capacities are expensive and I can see why you’d want to stick on socket 2011 if you have a heap of ram and are already on that socket…

Edit oh, you’re ddr4? Yeah if you go changing boards go Ryzen. Newer faster IO etc. yeah you’d give up some slots but…

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Yeah it’s a bummer really, in many ways I wish I had sold what I had and bought the right gear. But I was just interested in re-purposing an admittedly overpriced board, then the electric price hike happened - the perfect storm :slight_smile:


I reluctantly removed 3/4 of the RAM…so down to 32GB, down from 128 :frowning:

It now seems to have power usage of around 95-100W (+/-5W), that’s with Energy saving 128 on (drives don’t spin down).

After the lag of waking drives up slightly, if I copy a 25GB file (at 1G speed), power goes up to 135-145W.

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