[SOLVED]UK question - outlets for pre-terminated external fiber cable

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tl:dr Ordering fiber cable for building to building (around 40m/120’), I don’t know what cable to get and don’t want to order the wrong stuff as it’ll be a custom length.

So I’m in the UK and can’t seem to find an outlet that does the above. I find places that do external cable, but there’s never an LC to LC option. Or I find stuff like this, where it sounds like the outer pulling tube is supposed to be remove once installed:

It’s going in conduit that’s both underground coming up through a buildings foundations, and scaling up a wall externally before entering another building.

I don’t want to get armoured cable as I think it’s over kill, and it’s quite a bit more expensive.

or is the stuff for me, it’s called “Ruggedised”.

Finally, and thanks for getting this far, but I’d like to get 2 lots of fiber, one will be used for a 1G connection, while the other will be for a 10G connection. I’m hoping that I can use the same spec fiber cable for both? Also I thought that OM4 would let 40G be used if ever it’s needed - I cannot ever see a reason for this, but I prefer doing the job once!

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P.S. Other places I’m happy to buy from:

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I think you probably don’t need ruggedised if it is going to use existing ducting and is reasonably unlikely to find itself disturbed, though I’d possibly still consider (for the external part you note) to feed it through some kind of external trunking over that length, just so you don’t have to clamp or use any e.g. silicone sealant directly against the cable itself at any point (though we’ve done this too, and for what it’s worth, that was with cable monkey’s custom pre terminated fibre). That could be considered unnecessary.

It’s not that long a length. It could be you do that and use 4x runs of regular OM4 (being a couple spares, and as long as you’re careful with your bend radius), cat6 and a draw rope, for good measure.

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OM4 will give you 40/10/1 as you need, your first option already has 4 connectors, with LC it means you’ll have two separate fiber runs … I don’t like using 100% of a run from the beginning, so I’d go with the 8 fiber cable. Inside conduit it will be fine …


Thanks for responding, really appreciated. It is going in conduit that I intentionally installed for this reason, but I have evidence that it could have water in - do you think this is good reason for using ruggedised, just to protect it from water damage? I am going to use an air compressor to possible push some of the water out, but I suspect there will always be some in there.

I was going to use expanding foam to ceil up both ends, but only once I know for sure it’s all working - do you think that’s OK?

Thank you, if the cost it’s too great I’ll go with 4 runs, in case a few fail. The bend radius are nice and gentle and the conduit came with draw strings - made sure of that!

Thank you very much again :+1:

Hey Matt :+1: Thanks for writing, what do you think about it going through flooded underground conduit though?

I’ll definitely go with 4 pair as a minimum, thanks!

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@exovert If it helps, to help me - here’s the build: [UK] Build log for new Office Building (From Dig to waterproof structure to prettying up...ongoing)



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Oh dear…


you mean inside a drain ? no.
you want a conduit that stays dry, or you need a different ccable rated for external, and costs will go up. Are you still able to run a smaller conduit that still fits the fiber?

Thanks for that. The conduit is already installed, but I see evidence that water has gotten into it. It’s already laid underground and I really don’t want to dig up 20+ metres to get to it! I am going to use an air compressor to get as much of the water out as I can, may be a wet vac as well.

Do you think stuff called “CST” would counteract the conditions? I read that it’s waterproof and suitable for external underground application - but that’s google, so I don’t necessarily trust it!

Thanks in advance! :+1:


it would be much better, would also implement the conduit inside the conduit thing …

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Good evening,

I was going to post this in the “recently acquired” thread but since you asked :slight_smile:

My recent project was running power and data to my wife’s Ladyshed.

After much deliberation I went for OS2 (Single Mode) for maximum future-proofing. Transceiver-wise, for now, I am only using 1Gb FSP+ transceivers on one fibre pair.

Having ued them before, I went with fs.com and got a 40 metre stretch of 6-pair (12 fibres total), MTP-terminated at both ends of this:

Customized 1-24 Fibers OS2 Single Mode Industrial Armored fibre

I’m using an MTP cassette at both ends within an enclosure.

The combination of think MTP connector and fibre is suitably small that it runs easily through the wall and a short bit of conduit. I asked - the stuff can be buried but in my use case it was easier to clip it to the garden fence. The armoured sheath is really there for rodent protection.

The only downside was the 7 week delivery but other works had to be done first, I was not too bothered. Otherwise I’d have gone with CableMonkey but the entire order (fibre, copper, enclosures, MPT cassettes) turned out to be cheaper from fs.

Edit: the stuff I got looks very similar to the one you posted above from Cablemonkey. The pulling ends are bulkier but nicely solid. I would have had no concerns getting it buried alongside/somewhat adjacent to a SWA electrical cable.



Thank you Matt, if I can find a sub-conduit that won’t snag when pulled through, I’ll definitely do that :+1:

Good morning @OliverT ,

Oh I think you should duplicate it to the recently acquired thread for sure :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me know your plan though, that looks like a great setup, really helpful info, especially that in your use case FS was cheaper. 7 week delivery though, wow!

I think I’ll stick to my multi-mode plan as it’s a fairly short run and I’ve bought a lot of the bits I need already, though the MPT cassette looks really good. I can’t for the life of me see any need for more than a 40G connection between house and office, unless I start up a media company…though I feel the 70Mb internet connection might hold me back a tad :laughing:

Can you do a follow up thread perhaps, after the install, that’ll be interesting :+1:

I think my english failed me, what I meant is that the cable you linked is a fiber inside a conduit type ot thing, so it would be a good choice if you’re not sure of the original conduit being waterproof …

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Can you do a follow up thread perhaps, after the install,

It’s on my ToDo list!

I’ve been fighting with an OpenEnergyMonitor install but got that resolved late last night and should be in a position to test connectivity in the Ladyshed end today . Will get something up ASAP :slight_smile:

I have been using openenergymonitor for a bunch of years … if you need help …

Ahh, no problem at all matey :+1: CST it is…I better get on and measure my lengths…adding a little bit for a service loop at both ends :slight_smile:

Thank-you! Fortunately I resolved my problem last night which - I think - was caused by operator error :slight_smile:

I bought my eMonPi last August but only just - due to other building works - got it deployed adjacent to the utility cupboard. I had had it running for a month earlier to ensure PSU and hardware could “soak test” a little and I got Inputs and Feeds configured ok.
Then I think I did a manual update and manual firmware update and I suspect selected the incorrect firmware. Cue loss of Inputs, etc. Based on loss of comms messages over /dev/ttyAMA0 in the log I finally thought to try the other firmware and bingo, all ok.

Looking back I saw that the eMonPi tech overview page does list RFM69 radios. Really, I should have figured they know what they’re doing and just used the GUI Full Update button and left it at that! TIL.

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Nice one :+1:

And sorry to hear of your OpenEnergyMonitor woes, hope they’ll be resolved soon! :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

I do think the armored cable might be overkill, for the cost. We used the non-armored version of that including an outside exposed length (though not near the ground).

If there’s cause to think there’s water in the conduit perhaps internal rated OM4 may actually be underdoing it however. (even if there’s no sunlight, the other elements can get in, and that includes ice). the middle of the road, custom pre-terminated & not armored option may be the compromise to consider.

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