[SOLVED] Ubuntu 18.04 boots to black screen

I see in the past others had this same problem posted on level1techs, but nothing about or near the version of ubuntu I’m dealing with, Ubuntu 18.04 mate,.

Ubuntu mate noob here

I can’t find a folder called " gdm3" anywhere in my system nor wayland - either one seem to be the popular troubleshooting paths to take

My system auto boots to a black screen. I’d sit there for minutes on end but nothing happens.
All updates done.

Kernel 4.18.11 running via UKuu
Ubuntu 18.04 mate 64 bit
4790k cpu
Sata SSd
rx580 8GB vram sapphire nitro+ video card
16GB of ram
144hz ips 1440p monitor ( auto boots to only 120hz for some dumb reason)

I FINALLY was able to play doom 2016 flawless in steam in linux thanks to trying Ubuntu mate ( will try Mate in Mint later to see if the desktop environment cinnamon was the culprit in my woes in another chat channel/post), but this problem is becoming irritating.

***Now here’s the kicker. When I press Esc, it loads my desktop and everything loads up within 5 seconds or less. When first power on this PC, after POST, it goes to a grey screen for around 5 to 8 seconds, then goes to the black screen where unless I press Esc, nothing happens.

I have my system set to auto login. Ideas please? Thank you much.

Maybe its a driver issue? What GPU driver version are you using? And did you recently download a driver for your GPU?

What was the last update you made on the software? Also if you disable autologin and you login normally does it still happen?

Also yeah which drivers are you using? Stock from Ubuntu or did you update them?

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I don’t know what you mean by " what was the last update I made on the software?" I just do the built in Ubuntu mate software updater.

I disabled autologin and I can see the log in screen but that is still after the grey screen. Now on that grey screen. If i press esc or enter or both, I get booting options of " ubuntu, recovery mode," and something else. I can press e to edit the booting options of either . I remember in older days of mint or ubuntu when you can add " nomodeset" and something else. I don’t know if that is coherent to solving my problem of just trying to auto-get to the desktop.

I’m not sure how to see which drivers the system is currently using.

Would it be possible to boot the previous kernel?

Grub should have a 3 second timeout.

I also have auto login on my desktop, I’ll have to try this when I get a chance to see if it affects me too.

I installed the mesa-vulkan driver as instructed here https://level1techs.com/article/gaming-linux-updated

I i meant to say it boots to a Grey screen first…then the black screen after that either automatically or I must press enter. If i press Esc, I see boot options of Ubuntu, something else I don’t remember at the moment,and System ( system just restarts the PC as if I’m spaming the delete key to get to UEFI aka bios screen )

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“GDM” is typically “Gnome Display Manager”. I’m pretty sure it isn’t part of an Ubuntu MATE install. Not sure why, presumably, you’re looking for its directory.

Ubuntu MATE uses lightdm as its display manager. A display manager takes over after the kernel completes booting and launches the graphical desktop you’re using. You can install another display manager but you must also execute a command to tell the system to use it. (Ubuntu may make this part of the package install; I’m not sure.) Installing GDM will, quite likely, also bring in a number of dependent Gnome packages, too.

Are you seeing these broken boots on a pristine system or after you installed vulkan, etc., from that Level1Techs link? If the latter, frankly, I’d suggest doing a reinstall, not selecting auto logon (it obscures things and can be enabled later) and get it working right before adding extras. (If/when you follow guidance found on the web to install specific packages, it isn’t a bad idea to do a dry run of the command first to see if/what dependencies will also be installed. Check out man apt and man apt-get.)

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I’ve confirmed, so far, the kernel wasn’t the problem. It was my dumb@$$prin installing amdgpu pro drivers straight from amd’s website at the beginning and I had forgotten I did that. After swimming through a sea of online instructions, I just chose to nuke the ubuntu 18.04 mate installation and install Linux mint 19 mate. Everything seems to work solidly so far.


Yeah makes sense…Generally a really bad idea to mix up different kind of drivers.

Also make a Timeshift snapshot now that everything works so if you make another similar mistake you do not have to nuke the installation.


Glad you got it working :+1:

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