[SOLVED] System requires new X screen for second GPU, but only with specific monitor

Ok. So, I’m having trouble with linux and my (admittedly edge case) dual GPU setup. I have a GTX 470 and a Quadro p620, with the 470 being the primary card. I have three monitors, with two connected to the 470 with DVI, and the third connected to the Quadro with a miniDP to vga adapter.

My monitors had been working fine with only one x screen in the nvidia x settings panel. I recently had to change out my vga monitor with another one of the same type and resolution, reporting as the exact same monitor. However, the monitor I changed to would not show up in the same X screen, but I had to create a new one. When I added a new X screen, it was stuck at the far right in relation to my other two monitors, while it is physically on the left. I tried to move the X screen, but it stayed in place.

The funny thing is, when I plugged in my old monitor, it was fine again. Even though they are the exact same monitor, why would nvidia’s drivers be doing this?

(Yes, I do realize that nvidia’s drivers are a pile of crap, and I was running the 390x driver because of the 470.)

First thing is did you purge the old xorg.conf that had the XScreen denoted to the old monitor? Just overwrite the old with the new when making / saving your nVidia-settings layout. It will “merge with existing” by default which is a one way ticket to a mess. Just uncheck that unholy BS merge option and save, then try again.

I did. I followed near every guide to solve this issue to fix it, but nothing I do works.

OK this might be a tad off base but you might be fighting randr. I’ve noticed some idiotic overlap that can cause this and other issues. So If you have manually inspected your xorg and the old monitor isn’t mentioned anywhere open something like arandr and make the layout in there mirrors what you are setting up in xorg.

Thanks for the suggestion. I actually just had the new monitor fix itself randomly, and I have no idea why.

That crap is the worst. Well at least it’s working.

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