SOLVED Supermicro IPMI reachable but almost nothing works after BMC Firmware Upgrade

I left the Mobo Battery out overnight and the issue fixed itself.
I had left it out for around and hour before, I guess that wasn’t long enough to reset whatever needed a reset.

Hey Forum,

earlier today I attempted to upgrade a BMCs Firmware Version through the IPMI Webinterface but ended up with a major issue.

The Board in question is a Supermicro X10SRi-F.

Everything went as usual but after the Webinterface reloads all the fields for information (IP Address, Hardware Details) are empty and almost all settings don’t work.

The Webinterface is at the set IP Address and I can power on / off / restart the machine, but KVM isn’t functional and almost all settings don’t do anything when pressed or options show “undefined”.

What I’ve tried so far to mitigate the problem:

  • Reset all Configuration to default with ipmitool (Webinterface Setting doesn’t do anything when clicked)
  • Also upgraded the BIOS to the latest version
  • Manually reflashed the BMC Firmware using Supermicro’s supplied flashing tool from a Live USB

One interesting thing I noted that at least some things work when I check with ipmitool from the Shell, I can read out sensors and see the Event Log as well as issue certain commands. All of that is not available in the Webinterface.

I hope someone here has an idea I didn’t try yet or is more experienced troubleshooting Supermicro’s IPMI.

In case it’s helpful: I’ve got an identical Board and CPU that’s still on the older version which might come in handy during troubleshooting.

Do you have the ability to downgrade the firmware?

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I could dump the BMC Firmware from the other Board I have and flash that to this one.
But I haven’t been able to find anything conclusive on whether that’ll work as I imagine it to.

They wouldn’t have introduced a browser incompatibility problem? Like, you have tried other browsers?

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I have tried that.

But I believe the issue is deeper than my Browser, because I can log into the Webinterface and use a few options (like remote power on/off), while most settings and readouts like sensors don’t do anything when clicked and some even just say “undefined.”

And I’ve got a third Board from Supermicro which is different but has the same BMC - that one works fine after the same FW Upgrade Process.
Now I’m a bit stuck because I don’t want to upgrade the second, exact same, Board before I find the problem.

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I was also experiencing the issue of an accessible but non-functional IPMI after updating the firmware for the IPMI on a Supermicro X10 board I was working on recently. I made sure to reset all configurations as given by the update instructions.

The solution was to clear the browser cache and the cookie for the IP used to access IPMI. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, then update the firmware again, making sure to clear all IPMI settings and repeat the browser cache/cookie clear once more.

This has happened to me twice so far on an X10 and X11 board and the above solution was what did it for me on each occasion. Just thought I’d toss that out there in case anyone else ran into this thread while trying to troubleshoot this issue.

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