[SOLVED] SuperMicro BMC, infinite loading

When setting up my SuperMicro H12SSL-NT for the first time today, I got into the BMC (IPMI) and saw this:

That loading indicator never goes away. I manually went into the HTML to remove it, but I shouldn’t have to do that. Also, the remote access isn’t working.

I’m also on the latest BIOS and BMC firmware. I went in and manually upgraded them to the same version just to be 100% sure.

Have you tried using another browser?

Which should I try? This is Chrome. The only other browser I could use is Firefox.

Figured it out. uBlock Origin is the cause. Not sure why ad-blocking breaks SuperMicro’s BMC though.


Yeah, I ran into the same thing a while ago. I was about to be one very unhappy camper, but then figured it’d be weird if the IPMI was only half dead.

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