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[SOLVED] Stuck in UEFI Shell Using a Virtual Machine on Mac OS 9.2.2

So i have got a VM with Mac OS 9.2.2 on it and i cant get out of the UEFI Shell. When i type “exit”, it goes to a prompt and if i hit continue, goes to the Shell again. I did look this up but nothing came up for a Mac OS, just Windows OS. I did see something about a FS0: Command but there is no file with FS0. Just BLKs. Please help. Image:

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If you want to see the image without clicking a link, here:

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Help ples

Also, using SATA, not IDE as it comes up with only BLK0: and that was no help.

Mac OS 9 is a PowerPC only Operating System and cannot be run in a standard virtual machine (VirtualBox/VMWare) as they can only virtualise x86/amd64 Operating Systems. Sheepshaver seems to be a good way of emulating OS9 on a normal computer.

Also, it’s best practise to edit your original post with new information rather than creating a new reply.

Hope this helps.

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Okay thanks.

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