[SOLVED] Struggling to extract documentation from a github project


I’m working on an RPi-MQTT project. Accessing documentation for the library requires a tool called Doxygen, which, as far as I can gather, allows for in-code documentation.

Setting up Doxygen and learning how to use it seems like a project onto its own. I don’t even understand what kind of file the program would generate, if any at all, or if it will just magically make comments appear in the example source code (which is barren of comments)?

All I really want is to access documentation for the library, I don’t care how. Any help would be much appreciated.

i had a small look at some of the sources and it looks rather well documented to me.

Javadoc Like comments even in the C files and not just in the headers.

In case you are using jetbrains CLion, strg q should give you everything it can pull in terms of documentation, even from those comments.

What sources are you looking at specifically? I haven’t seen any comments anywhere.

Edit: These are some of the source files and examples I’m looking at. As you can see, there is no in-code documentation or comments anywhere. And the only manual I can find in the project branch is for CLI use.

I feel like I’m going insane, I’m missing something, right? I’m just a hobby programmer and I’m not familiar with many of the tools that professionals who work on larger and collaborative projects use, and I’m just kinda upset that reading the documentation for this library will require me to first read the documentation of the program that gets me the documentation. It just feels like yet another unnecessary bump on the road to finally making progress on my own project. Sorry, Rant over.

Edit 2: Found it. This is what I was looking for: https://www.eclipse.org/paho/files/mqttdoc/MQTTClient/html/_m_q_t_t_client_8h.html

Googling the exact function names did the trick. Maybe I need to take a break.

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