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[SOLVED] SO-DIMM DDR4, out of the loop, what to look out for


Much editing to be done, I screwed up hard. Protip, don’t try think ahead when tight on time and hungry… I will fix this mess when I get home.

Update: Mess fixed, read on.

I currently have some whatever second hand 2400Mhz speed 8Gb single stick for my NUC.

I have always planned for 16Gb of matched fast as reasonable financially possible RAM for this PC. I a quick look on amazon and turned up a 2666Mhz kit, 2 x 8Gb like I want and it is a reasonable price (135-140 euroland fun bucks). And also a 3200Mhz kit for €190 ish which is more than I would like to spend but is the speed I am aiming for in my head. Both linked below.

There s a place semi-locally I can get to called Memory C that have popped up various times in the past and they have a physical location I can actually go to, Imagine that a brick and mortar store that actually sells PC parts, they are like Unicorns over here.
They have a 3000Mhz G.Skill Ripjawz 5 kit for €170, but then a 3200Mhz of the same for €270 which sounds like an insane jump to me.

Looking around up to the €160 ish range.
Can I do better?
What should I look out for?
Where, if you happen to know a decent spot (Ireland)?
I don’t mind second hand but do want a kit rather than odds and ends.

Only stipulation is not corsair, please god not corsair.

[SOLVED] Intel Integrated Graphics and RAM speed? Any benefit, where does it stop?

If I’m not mistaken, DDR3 maxes out at like 1866 or something. You sure you don’t have DDR4?



That’s my question as well. I haven’t look in awhile, but I don’t recall even XMP capable SODIMM kits offering over 2133. This seems like DDR4 territory.


I’ve definitely seen DDR3 2400, but it has always been quite expensive and never SODIMM. 2400 SODIMM definitely sounds like DDR4 to me.

As for the OP, if it is DDR3 and in the SODIMM form factor I think you may be stuck with 2133 at the max, although 1866 will most likely be cheaper and easier to get. I know G.Skill has/had quite a few 1866 kits, and I believe Kingston had 2133 kits.


@marasm @Fouquin and @w.meri it could very well be it was just from memory. So I might have to heavily edit this when I get home. Whoops, sorry.

Yup I am an idiot. DDR4, should have thought for a second. Sorry.


No worries. Today I learned that there is in fact DDR3 2400 and up to DDR3 3200. It’s just rare and expensive. The JEDEC standard is what peaks at 2133. Neat.


Okay I have fixed and worked on the topic a bit more now that I am home.


Well I don’t think the Iris Pro 580 will benefit too much of memory past 2800MHz, it’s not powerful enough to demand that big of a throughput. Even if you’re hammering it day and night with Adobe. I would save 20€ and get the 3000MHz kit. Get a nice burger with those 20€ l


Cool, I have not checked how that pans out so if thats the case sounds good to me.

EDIT: it is surprisingly hard to find this test actually, so much so I have not seen any tests that cover it yet.


So circular linking is a great thing sometimes!

Nuts to fast ram, more 2400Mhz it is!