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[SOLVED]Ryzen build RAM not stable at 3200MHz


the only option I have under CPU SOC is Offset. I can’t manually set it.


What? Just write a number into the field and hit enter. That doesn’t work?


No that doesn’t work. The options are AUTO and OFFSET, no way to enter a number.


Huh, well … don’t spend to much time in the UEFI then, I guess. :rofl:
Hopefully it’s just displayed wrong.

Yeah it seems like B-die is still the best way to go to be sure.
Sorry I can’t really help. :disappointed:


No problem, thanks for all your suggestions.


I contacted ASUS and apparently this MOBO has RAM slots A2 & B2 as primary not A1 & B1. So I put the RAM in the Primary slots and boom full speed.

Thank you for suggesting I reach out to the manufacturer.

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Solved moved Ram to Slots A2 and B2 and then ram hit speed correctly