(Solved) Recomendations for a battery replacement for SIII

As the title states looking for a good replacement battery for my SIII, I'm currently getting abysmal battery life and if I'm lucky I can get through a day with charging it only twice.

Otherwise I have to carry my charger with me or be within 10 feet of a charger

Cheers in advance.

I'd just get a fresh original. Those inexpensive "noname" batteries that claim to have much larger capacity tend not to provide near their rated value, and may be less electrically safe to boot. The originals are not expensive either. Have a separate USB battery charger handy for traveling or late evening charging.

Cheers for the reply mate, I did try a Factory reset which improved it somewhat but if I switch on WiFi or Data I can see the power drop right in front of my eyes

  • Install a custom rom ~ may help
  • As mentioned grab an authentic battery. Cheap and nasty batteries may end up nerfing your phone.

Yah, I've Cyanogen Mod with Liquid Smooth currently on the phone (voided the warranty within 5 minutes of getting the phone home lol), the problem is it only started happening in the past fortnight or so, previous to that it was running flawlessly.

Maybe because the SIII is a little long in the tooth considering it's two generations old and it's still rocking the original battery, could be the battery is EOL

xD me too ttok me 2 minutes to void waranty .


Just get a new ORIGINAL one , here is costs ~15€ and you will get great battery life.

I have an old S2 with an extended Samsung battery (which is near on a year old now) running SlimKat rom and I get a good 2 days of battery at least. Mind you I dont let anything sync in the background and have minimal amount of apps but I do use it for music most of the day.

Maybe even turn your brightness down to auto or <50%'ish. ~ Biggest battery hog on any smartphone.

I've the brightness set on Auto so it adjusts according to ambient light and since the reset I've only downloaded two apps so it's a very minimal system at the moment and I'm getting two days worth of charge unless I turn on WiFi or Data, then it lasts 5 - 10 minutes which is annoying on an uber scale

You should check out Lux Auto Brightness. It allows you to customise the backlight brightness depending on the brightness of the surroundings, time of day and can yellow the screen so it does not kill you if you turn the phone on at night. 

I have the Note II and I am running OMNI rom with Devil 2 Kernel. I have a script for the kernel to overclock the CPU and GPU slightly while undervolting them. So when the phone throttles up for games or something intensive it is smooth, but when idling it is super frugal. The battery life is leagues better.

get a real OEM battery if you can. those chinese knock offs are terrible.

*Buys cheap Chinese knockoff battery*

Hmm the phone died on me again, plug it into the charger, restart and 66% battery left..............

Just got an OG battery, noticed the old battery had noticeable bulging and wouldn't sit in it's slot properly and would pop out with the back cover off.


Big Ups to all who gave their recommendations