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[Solved] Problems with pci passthrough (ubuntu 18.10 mate)


My setup:

  • OS: ubuntu mate 18.10 x64
  • MB: gigabyte B150M-HD3-CF
  • CPU: i6700k
  • GPU: msi 1060 6gb gaming x
  • RAM: 16G

I followed the guide and stopped on VM creation; every time i create vm virtmanager hangs (well, it works indefinitely) on domain creation. The difference between setup in guide is that i want to use whole disk /dev/sdd

Virtmanager unsuccessful configuration:


Please help me configure vm


Replying with next posts because i can make only 2 image uploads per post:






Seems like the case is solved. I have missed configuration of hugepages for vm and had to blacklist nouveau module present in my system. After that i am able to use vm with windows


Had to switch to uefi to fix problems with error 43 with passthrough graphic card, case closed