[Solved] Place FLAC Files on iOS

I think I made a thread about this before, but I forgot what happened to it. Anyway, anyone know what methods there are to add FLAC files to iOS? I know AirDrop is one of them. I think I heard something about using DropBox, but not sure if that really works or not. Not sure if there are any others. Preferably looking for a method that uses a wire, and does not use bandwidth.

Figured it out
credits to @FaunCB

Surprisingly, I was able to do this in iTunes. I thought being able to sync/copy over FLAC files was completely off the table, but this is not the case… exactly… Now, while it’s not the usual way of syncing FLAC files to iOS from iTunes library, it does work. So having the iOS device connected, open iTunes, click on the “phone” button on the top, then on the left, select “File Sharing”, (since I use VLC Media Player to play my FLAC files, that is what is mentioned here for the app to play FLAC files), select VLC, and then from here you can basically just add FLAC files and sync them to the device.