[SOLVED] OpenSUSE - Yast Only Patches

Hi all

Bit of a query for OpenSUSE today, specifically 13.2 in this case. On OpenSUSE 13.2 Yast is reporting that their is a lot of patches for 13.2 that need to be installed which given its a new install is not surprising. However when I select all of the patches in Yast Online Update and ask it to install, it then warns me some of the patches are for Package Management and require Yast to restart so I should go back select only those, install, restart Yast and then do the rest.

My question is how do you differentiate patches that require Yast to close from Patches that don't? Are the package management related patches prefixed with something specific? Do I need to worry or should I just tell it to install everything and ignore the warning about closing yast?

Interestingly running zypper patch from Terminal reports Nothing to do which is odd, but Yast is adamant patches exist.

Any help much appreciated as always.

Then I would clear out the local cache and then rerun getting the patches with zypper.

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Thanks @Dynamic_Gravity that seems to have done it.

Now both Zypper and Yast are accurately reporting there are no needed patches to install which makes sense as this box was shipped by a supplier and you'd think has a reasonably up to date image of 13.2 on it.

For those interested I did the following to clear the cache:
Open Terminal
zypper clean
zypper clean -a

I thin zypper clean -a does a zypper clean as well but I did both to be on the safe side :)