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[Solved] No virtualization support with Gigabyte GA-AB350 Gaming 3?

Hi guys,

Long time no see. Just picked up a Ryzen 7 1700 along with a Gigabyte GA-AB350 Gaming 3 motherboard and all was going well until I fired up VirtualBox and realized that AMD-V based acceleration was disabled. I look in task manager, and sure enough it said that virtualization was disabled. I checked the BIOS and the only mention of virtualization I could find is the option to enable IOMMU support. About to fire up Linux on this thing to see if it's just a Windows 10 thing, but if not then wtf? Has anyone else experienced the same thing with Ryzen? Why would Gigabyte exclude a feature that has been including in every AMD chip in the past decade? I sent them a support ticket but haven't gotten a reply yet.

Edit: So apparently to enable virtualization support, you have to enable SVM. To activate it, click on the MIT tab, then Advanced Frequency Settings and then Advanced Core settings. Even though the manual says it should be enabled by default, it wasn't on my board.


Maybe turn IOMMU on and see if that opens something else.

I'm not able to contribute much here, but this thread might have something in it that will help.

IOMMU is enabled. Will just have to wait to see what Gigabyte says. If it's a no, then my motherboard is going right back to Amazon.

Svt option?

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After reading through the manual, I realized that there was an option for SVM Mode tucked away under "Advanced CPU Core Settings". I'm not at my computer now to take a look at it, but the manual says it's enabled by default, so it should work but it's not?

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Make sure SVM is on because otherwise wierd things happen with VMs

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Would assume that this would be right under the option to enable IOMMU, but I guess not? Weird. Works now.


Glad it worked out because I would like to use a B350 board with my upcoming build if i can

This works on the X370 K5 as well :slight_smile: Gigabyte needs to figure out how to make a user friendly bios.

Works on AB350N Gaming Wifi, too! Thanks!
64-bit virtual machines! :smiley:

4 months later. Though this thread was necroed in December which is 9 months later. Thread is locked.