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Solved New Build New bug Microsoft Basic Display Driver

Hey everyone was wondering if anyone can help me out :sweat_smile: I have just finished a new build and I came across a bug that I have never experienced before I Installed a Fresh OS Windows 10 64bit No network and I cannot for the life of me replace Microsoft Basic Display Driver for my Asus TUF 3080ti that work’s in other systems.

I have Updated the Bios to version 3801 for Asus X570 Dark Hero
and Used DDU and Multiple builds of Windows and still nothing
I used both drivers for Standard and ach and still gave me the ERROR “Driver is not compatible with this current version of windows”
Also have swapped it with my 1080ti and still give’s me the same problem.
Update 10/31/2021
I never needed to update The OS for the Nvidia driver before so I went and tried to download all updates for windows including the may edition update and something went wrong every single time I will keep it updated if anything changes. Simple fix go to Microsoft website make a bootable image from there website because it hold latest Build info and everything will work and install correctly :love_you_gesture:

Part List
AMD Ryzen 5900X
ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero
Trident Z NEO 4000MHZ 64 GB
Corsair 1000 watts RM
AIO Liquid Freezer 2 420
1 TB Sabrent Rocket + OS
2 TB Sabrent Rocket + for Games

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Great that you at least solved it.
Drivers and certain versions of windows can be a pain sometimes.

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