[Solved] Need help with Apache 2 Web Hosting - Raspbian

I'm trying to make a little web server to host my portfolio for my VET course.
So I'm using my Raspberry Pi 2: Model B.
It has got a fresh installation of NOOBs, all up to date and has Apache 2 installed and running.
Currently I'm just using the default HTML index page Apache provides.
The website works on my local network, but even after opening port 80, I can't view the page on an external client.
My current test for an external client is messaging my friends and harassing them to test it for me..hahah

My current guesses are: ISP has blocked port 80, A firewall issue with my router, No configuration on Apache or just general user error.

I am doing a similar project at the moment. Have you set the LAN ip address of your Pi as the default DMZ server in your routers settings?


I hadn't done that, now I have and it works!

glad I could help!
Don't forget to reserve that ip address of you pi in the settings also so it will be static. Otherwise you'll have to go into router settings every time your pi reboots because it will have a different IP address.
Also append the title with [Solved] if you'd like :D

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