[Solved] Need a Second opinion on GPU upgrade

Hello all,

I am looking to upgrade my GPU in the near future and have already received a couple recommendations from friends but want to get another opinion. Right now i have an EVGA GTX 660 FTW Signature 2 (2Gb Version). Here's the whats causing me headache, I like to do 3D Modeling on Creo and Solidworks as well as game (not at the same time). I have a triple 1080p setup and enjoy using all three to play games. Modeling will be done on one or two screens when I'm not gaming. I game about 70% of the time and model the other 30%. i would prefer to do just one card but I'm open to the idea of 2. Max budget is $700. 

PC Specs:

AMD FX 8350 @ 4.34Ghz

Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0

2X Corsair Vengence 2400Mhz (2X4 Gb) 

EVGA GTX 660 ftw signature 2 (2 Gb)


Corsair H100i

Corsair Vengence C70 Green

3X Acer Hbid236L 

Thanks for the help.

gtx780ti, r9290x, gtx770x2, gtx780. if you want one card go ti or 290x.

Is it worth waiting for Maxwell? If not can you recommend one configuration over the others? 

they'll be about the same,for gaming, but for modelling, if you use blender, CUDA will help. go for the 780ti.

Offcourse if you did 3d modeling on creo and sollid works for a daily professional base it would be better to go with a Nvidia quadro or Amd fire pro card, but they are rediculous expensive. 

I would personaly look for a R9-290 or GTX780. they are on a $500 price range.The R9-290 beats the GTX780 in most gaming benchmarks that ive saw. They are on the same price "at the moment" So that is definitely something to keep in mind

If you wanne spend the full $700 then a GTX780-Ti, or R9-290X. The GTX780Ti, is the fastest single gpu on the market. But you also pay the price for it.. I think that the R9-290 will be the best Bang for Buck! Since in gaming it performs realy close to a R9-290X, and its arround 5fps slower on higher res, then a GTX-780Ti.

Here is a list in order, to gaming performance.

  1. GTX780-Ti
  2. R9-290X
  3. R9-290
  4. GTX780

Gtx 780 with a non referance design such as the EVGA Acx or MSI gaming

Thank you all for your suggestions thus far. My next question, is there a difference between AMD and Nivdia performance in Creo and Solidworks? I believe they are both open GL programs. 

Well that was something ive searched for online.. but couldn´t find a clear ansewr on..

But if that program is Open CL, then don´t hassitate and grab a R9-290. or 290X. since the 290 is $150 cheaper that would make it the best bang for buck like i said above ☺

Thank you all again everyone, after a couple months i have decided to go with a R9 290. Again thank you for helping me. Now go out and share your wisdom with others!