[SOLVED] My mouse feels better in Windows then on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04)?

After discovering Level1’s YouTube channels, and watching many Wendell videos, I decided to install a fresh Ubuntu 18.04 mainly for gaming and design purposes. Can’t say I switched totally but I’m mainly in Ubuntu these days.

Everything works perfectly. I managed to install only one game (because my Internet’s bad: 10Mbps/07Mbps), Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. I played this game more then I should on windows. So I though let’s compare the experience with Ubuntu and 396 nvidia drivers.

Frankly I cannot see any difference other then the game force closes and freezes on windows but not in Ubuntu. Here everything’s fine, except…

I miss the precision of my mouse in windows. I have SteelSeries Sensei 310 with SteelSeries Engine app, and this mouse is perfect, but only on windows. Here on Ubuntu it’s not bad, but…

My question is, is there something I can do… something like tweaking or…?


Hey, it might be a mouse acceleration. Maybe try turning it off? I don’t use Ubuntu, but a quick search yielded this:

Also edited your title to be bit more descriptive and added a helpdesk tag so others can see that you need help and contribute.

Thank you, this helped. Totally forgot about acceleration.

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Glad it helped. I’ll change the title to reflect this.