[SOLVED] My 120hz G-sync monitor is locked to 60hz

I noticed when accidentally opening nvidia control panel that my 120hz screen Asus VG236 was locked to 60hz, I tried to change I looked at the common spots. Couldn’t find anything. Updated my drivers and created a custom preset but the monitor just wont work.

Do you have a browser running by any chance? They tend to lock your refresh rate to 60 when hardware acceleration is turned on.

By the “common spots” I assume you mean like right click on the desktop and display settings and changing the refresh rate of the attached monitor in there to 120hz.

If that is only showing that 60hz is available have a look in the inbuilt monitor settings, like the physical monitors settings, sometimes they come default to 60hz and you have to enable high refresh rate there first.

Do you have multiple monitors?

Just as a sanity check what does this test say:


That too but I also checked nvidia control panel


I’be had this setup before must have resetted with a driver update or so.

Built in settings are barebones.

some monitors you have to change it in the menus of the monitor itself, have you checked there?

On my MSI monitor I had to enable “overclock” in the Ui of the monitor itself, if I didn’t, it would just show up as 60hz in nvidia control panel

Could it be a bad driver then? Does clean uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling older owns bring the functionality back?

Very common on Nvidia:

DO NOT select the “Ultra HD, HD, SD” category. Instead, you want to select the “PC” category, then 120hz will unlock.

Also, older monitors use HDMI 1.4 rather than 2.0, so the HDMI ports are incapable of driving 120-144hz. Use DisplayPort. And since it’s G-Sync, that’s the only way to get G-Sync working.

If I read the specs on the H version of that monitor correctly and they are to be believed, it only does 120Hz via dvi. Is that how you have it connected?

You could try both DVI and DisplayPort, because those will be superior vs HDMI.


there is no dp.


Because I changed graphics cards like 6 months ago I used an adapter for the 120hz screen so now I changed it to the dvi port on the gfx card and now it works.


Yeah, because the adapters are DVI Single Link. If it’s a dual link cable, the only adapter that works is a Active DisplayPort to Dual Link DVI adapter.

In the future if you plan to change GPUs, this is a mandatory purchase for that monitor:

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