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[SOLVED] Mouse buttons 4 and 5 not working

I am wondering if it is possible to use mouse buttons 4 and 5 with looking glass without having to use evdev or usb passthrough as that removes the point of using looking glass.

LG fully supports mouse 4 & 5, unfortunately, you have to upgrade libspice-server1 to the latest version from upstream/git. There has not been an official release since they added 4 & 5 support last I checked.

Yeah I just got it to work. Guessing they will push it to arch eventually. Sorry for making the github post btw im that same person but this account is old and I rarely use it… spice · GitLab for anyone wanting this themselves here is the link to the repo. You must execute before using ./configure in the instructions because other wise it wouldn’t be there.

No worries :wink: Glad you got it working.