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[solved] Looking glass and DP dummy plug at higher resolutions

okay so after much trial and error, i have a working setup using looking glass with a windows guest on linux.

getting great performance, however im kinda limited to crappy resolutions.

what i want to reach: 3440x1440 @ 120Hz (or atleast 100)

  • i know i may experience performance issues, but lets ignore that for now.

in windows under the nvidia control panel, i have the following available:

nvidia cp

ive tried adding more resolutions either using the “Customize” option in the nvidia panel or by using CRU, but the nvidia option fails and CRUs resolutions never show up in the display manager or nvidia control panel.

Also higher resolutions that are currently available have poor refresh timings, 30…17hz etc.

Im suspecting the DP dummy plug i bought may be total sh…
If this is the case can anybody point me to a proper one?

the reasons for wanting 3440x1440 is because i use a curved 34" monitor, lower resolutions are really crap on it.

any ideas?

Make sure you have one or two empty slots in the “detailed resolution” section of the plug. I’ve seen a few users trying to use custom resolutions without any success b/c the plug has no empty slots.

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Somehow deleting most of the entries via CRU, allowed me to create a custom resolution through the nvidia control panel. /witchcraft.